GxMed Healthcare updates its visual identity

In October 2023 the company decides to update its corporate and visual identity after 15 years with the same logo and corporate colors.

After months of meticulous work and strategic planning, we are delighted to introduce our refreshed look, which reflects our ongoing evolution and solid commitment to excellence in the field of generic medicine.

Our new design represents our dedication to innovation, quality, and progress. With a fresh and modern approach, this visual transformation reflects our forward-thinking vision.


We have decided to retain the company’s current name.

The name “GxMed Healthcare” summarizes the essence and focus of our pharmaceutical company specializing in the distribution of generic drugs. “Gx” is the abbreviation commonly associated with “generics”, reflecting our dedication to supplying high quality generic drugs to our customers. On the other hand, “Med” is derived from “medicines,” emphasizing our fundamental commitment to health and wellness through pharmaceutical solutions. Together, “GxMed Healthcare” communicates our mission to excel in the generic pharmaceutical industry by supplying only high quality generic drugs manufactured in Europe.


As for the company logo, we have kept the same structure while incorporating a more modern sans-serif typography. This typeface presents a geometric structure and a minimalist design, granting a professional and clean look for the brand.

To improve the legibility and highlight keywords like “GX” and “Med”, we have introduced a differentiation between bold and light typography.

Additionally, we have unified the “G” and “X” elements within the logo to achieve a cohesive look and feel.

Furthermore, we have made slight adjustments to the colors to refresh the overall aesthetic while maintaining brand continuity.


After careful consideration, we have opted to maintain our current colors while making slight adjustments to their tonality to uphold the GxMed identity.

  • Orange – Energy, Vitality, Optimism, Dynamism

Orange remains our primary corporate color, symbolizing energy and vitality. It represents GxMed’s dynamic spirit and enthusiasm for innovation and progress in the medical field.

  • Gray – Professionalism, Neutrality, Stability, Sophistication

Our second primary corporate color is gray, chosen for its association with professionalism and stability. It emphasizes GxMed’s commitment to reliability and excellence in the medical industry.

  • White – Purity, Cleanliness, Simplicity, Transparency
  • Black – Elegance, Authority, Expertise, Sophistication

Black and white represent our secondary colors, which appear in our corporate applications to symbolize our key values such as quality and reliability.

By emphasizing these attributes, we aim to illustrate how GxMed’s corporate colors have become more than an aesthetic choice: they communicate our core values and identity in a comprehensive manner.