Out-licensing + Supply

GxMed Healthcare offers licensing rights for its highest standard EU-CTD Dossiers and on-time supplying of EU-manufactured high-quality finished dosage form (FDF) products.

GxMed provides to its partners with a “full-service pack” including:

  • Initial engagement with our Business Development team
  • Complete support from our Regulatory Affairs department through the submission phase, until the final marketing authorization granting and further updates.
  • Supply Chain Management for Finished Drug Products
  • Comprehensive legal and administrative support

Tail-end Management

Through tail-end management process, GxMed provides a new life to your abandoned or small products dossiers, and lets you focus on your more profitable business.

GxMed is constantly seeking dossiers to identify new clients -and if needed, new CMOs – to increase the supply and also maintain supply to your existing clients.

We will add your dossiers to our offerings, and our Business Development department will reach out to our worldwide network of clients and contacts to promote your products. We will share any down payments and pay you a royalty on our sales.

GxMed will take over the dossier and clients and make sure there will be uninterrupted supply. Our Regulatory Affairs department will update and maintain the dossiers and assist any new clients with the submissions.

For Active Dossiers (with supply)

Active dossiers with current market presence and ongoing supply. GxMed will unify all your small clients to simplify tasks for you.

GxMed offers:

  • CMO: The manufacturer remains with you or the current CMO or is transferred to our CMO partners for uninterrupted supply.
  • Dossier Excellence: Maintaining and updating dossiers to ensure compliance.
  • Market Expansion: Proactively secure new clients, growing your success.
  • Profit Partnership: Royalties on net sales and sharing of down payments received.

For Non – Active Dossiers

Refers to inactive dossiers. GxMed will revive your dossiers and seek new opportunities to insure new and added income to your investment in the development of the dossiers.

GxMed offers:

  • Manufacturing opportunities: Identify new CMOs if needed.
  • New clients: Find new clients to increase supply and return on your development.
  • Dossier Revival: Update and maintain your dossiers to meet current EU-GMP guidelines for new submissions.
  • Profit Partnership: Royalties on net sales and sharing of down payments received.

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